What people are saying about Grimes Insurance.

I appreciate the respect that your organization displays in doing a professional job!

Sandra M., customer since 2015

Stormi has been great. She is always super helpful and quick to respond with any questions we have.

Customer since 2013

I’ve always felt confident I get the best coverage available. Every claim or question I’ve had was always handled expeditiously and to my satisfaction.

Customer since 2007

You do a great job and have awesome customer service!

David M., customer since 2017

Personalized attention, Grimes makes you feel like you are family and valued. She takes time to analyze your case scenario and her answers are objective. This makes you feel someone cares and my business is appreciated! Grimes, you make Progressive a great Company !

Nancy M., customer since 2009

Grimes always answers my questions quickly.

Customer since 2017

Love that you look out for us, and find the best prices and coverage available!

Customer since 2008

Very helpful and I found an affordable home insurance

Sean M., customer since 2013

Grimes does an amazing job of taking care of their clients! Going above and beyond every time without fail is what sets Grimes apart from so many others out there. That is why I personally use them and recommend Grimes to all of my mortgage clients. In a fast paced world where so many insurance companies have lost that personal touch and treat their clients like just another policy. The entire team at Grimes Insurance ensures that whether a person has one policy or 10. You are always treated like family receiving first class service and support starting from day one with no end in sight!

Tim F., customer since 2020

Grimes always takes great care of us.

Bryson M., customer since 2018

Grimes reaches out TO me with opportunities to save! I feel like they’re really looking out for my family and are always pleasant! So glad I do business with grimes!

Andrew M., customer since 2013

quick responses – been with Grimes for almost 8 years and never had a problem. Thank you.

Customer since 2012

Always have great customer service! Prompt phone call return and always willing to help!

Customer since 2014

Fast response to claim and complete customer satisfaction on business

Customer since 2018

Grimes is always helpful.

Robert L., customer since 2011

Quinetta cares and tries to find the best insurance needs for her customers.

Customer since 2019

Grimes had fast service when we had a roofing claim. Very reasonable rates.

Customer since 2010

Your customer service is second to none, and we are grateful to have been with you guys for over 17 years!

John L., customer since 2003

We have always received great customer service from their very friendly staff!

Lara M., customer since 2017

Grimes Insurance was a great help finding me affordable Insurance with me being a first time home owner.

Customer since 2019

I have needed to ask for insurance documents at a moments notice and Grimes customer service has always been right there ready to take care of my needs in a professional and friendly manner!

Eila M., customer since 2018

Customer service is amazing at Grimes!

Customer since 2016

The staff is always friendly and has my best interest in mind!

Customer since 2018

This company is very professional and has saved us money. We use them for both home and auto policies. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Raymond R., customer since 2002

Grimes called back fast with proper information.

Customer since 2019

So far I have used Sonya as much as possible. She is in constant contact with me and answers me in a timely manor.

Amanda T., customer since 2019

My wife and I very please with Grime Insurance. They are always there when we have questions and need help.

Customer since 2017

I like the way Grimes checked for the best prices for auto and home policies that worked the best for my budget.

Customer since 2005

Never had any issues getting into contact with our agent. Love the personable feel we have here. We recommend Angela and Grimes constantly to our friends and family.

Spence L., customer since 2014

Friendly and willing to help me in terms of insurance needs..

Customer since 2009

Any time I have had questions I have always gotten an answer quickly. Very friendly. Great price!

Customer since 2019

Susie has always taken care of all my policies that meet my needs above and beyond my expectations.

Jeffrey L., customer since 2004

Always helpful and knowledgeable!

George M., customer since 2018

Quick response and affordable monthly payments!

Alexander L., customer since 2019

They have always answered all of my question and returned my phone calls fast, any time I need to add or change coverage they have always been super helpful in getting me the best price and coverage for my needs!

Jessica L., customer since 2016

Greatly reduced the amount I was paying for insurance on my homes and my cars. As good or better coverage for about half of what I was paying at Farmers Insurance Company.

Gary S., customer since 2019

Always a warm and friendly attitude welcomes you when you contact Grimes Insurance. Next, business is carried on in a professional manner putting me at ease that I will be taken care of about insurance, which is why I came in the first place. Next, the job is done without drama in a quick and easy way so that I understand what I am getting.

Ron M., customer since 2016

Grimes always answeres my question and are very friendly.

Enrique C., customer since 2019

Great service, fast response, and everyone is very welcoming!

Charles C., customer since 2020

Five star service and that’s what matters to me thank you!

Customer since 2019

I am happy with the service!

Customer since 2018

Grimes has good rates and they listened to what I wanted.

Customer since 2019

Grimes insurance insurances our autos and business. We have been very pleased with the team.

Mary L., customer since 2017

Great service!

Larry L., customer since 2019

Great people working at grimes very helpful, Thanks!

Jesse L., customer since 2019

Very knowledgeable and efficient!

Customer since 2016

Helped me with all my insurance needs and questions. Very nice and helpful staff!

Customer since 2019

Good and prompt service!

Customer since 2015

We always get fast and prompt service. We know that y’all always make the best decisions for us.

Darren L., customer since 2012

Always available to answer questions. Kind and understanding. Looking out for the customers best interest.

Customer since 2018

Easy to get a hold of if needed with pleasant people who respond

Customer since 2015

Quinetta Copeland helped us out and made the process so much easier. I always refer y’all to friends and family for assistance!

Xavier L., customer since 2019

Grimes was initially recommended to me through word of mouth when I was buying a house. They were able to find house insurance for me that was far cheaper for the same coverage than I was able to find on my own. I later called to see if they could help me find new car insurance since mine kept creeping up in cost and they were able to help me out again. Everyone has always been very friendly and helpful.

Eric L., customer since 2014

Grimes has always been very friendly and helpful and has been competitive with good pricing.

Customer since 2016

You guys make insurance simple. You also find us the best policy at different times.

Andrew L., customer since 2013

Reliable, reasonable prices, informative, good service, feedback, and staff.

Customer since 1985

Grimes was able to get me a better deal than anyone else.

Customer since 2020

You are very prompt and helpful in all matters!

Nataisha F., customer since 2018

I appreciate your service.

Customer since 2009

Marianna is like a best friend. She is so personable and honest and helpful. It’s great working with someone who can look at multiple options and present them all!

Lori G., customer since 2004

Working with anyone in the office is such an easy and simple process. We recommend you every chance we get.

Michael F., customer since 2014

Through communication, excellent service, I would recommend to any friends.

Customer since 2018

Grimes is friendly and helpful. You get back to us when we have questions in a reasonable time.

Andrew M., customer since 2019

We have been with Grimes Insurance Agency for 5 years now… and the team has always been the most helpful for any situation we have been in. We love that we can pick up a phone & call Grime’s team and get an immediate answer. We have had to make insurance claims for roof hail damage and other problems and it was very easy, hassle free process. I highly recommend Grimes Insurance.

Dr. D., customer since 2015

Grimes responds to inquiries promptly and furnish with clear understandable answers. We like the feel we get when we have visited the office.

Earnest E., customer since 2017

Grimes has great rates & coverage for our homeowners policy but on top of that great communication and quick response time. That really made a difference to us!

Customer since 2019

Anytime I have question or issues it is answered right away!

Customer since 2018

Quinetta has always been very pleasant to work with and will go above to provide great customer service, thank you!

Mona E., customer since 2017

Ryan and his crew have been amazing. We purchased this investment property out of state and they walked us through all of the issues they see in Texas and made good strong recommendations based on what we would need. The whole process was seamless and when I call they always answer. We couldn’t be happier!

Ken F., customer since 2019

Linda always takes care of my clients and meets their needs. It is very much appreciated. Grimes is the only company I recommend.

Chris F., customer since 2018

Grimes takes care of the need of coverage without pressure sales… Thanks!

Customer since 2018

I Always recommend Grimes. Best prices in West Texas!!!

Jonathan E., customer since 2016

Thank you for finding me an equal insurance policy at a much lower rate!

Customer since 2010

Grimes analyzed our needs and addressed them with a package that beat my trusted insurer of 35 years.

David P., customer since 2020

I appreciate the steady service from Angela and the whole Grimes staff. Thanks!

Customer since 2012

Grimes has great customer service and always looking out for our best interest.

George E., customer since 2017

Thank you for the good prompt service and good value!

Customer since 2012

Your representatives were very helpful and attentive to my requests.

Laura D., customer since 2018

I like the fast response, very knowledgeable way the staff members helped me out during my home insurance shopping and signup.

Ebenezer E., customer since 2018

Great personal customer service!

Taylor D., customer since 2017

The Grimes team has taken excellent care of our home insurance needs for over seven years! We appreciate the individual attention we receive!

Wayne D., customer since 2011

Grimes has always looked to see if the insurance is a great pictured fit for me. They are courteous and kind and I’m blessed to have found Grimes!

Donna D., customer since 2014

The staff at Grimes is always so helpful & sweet!

Tia D., customer since 2016

Thank you Grimes Insurance. It’s nice to have someone you can trust to ask questions if necessary.

Milon D., customer since 2014

The Grimes staff is very professional and help oriented.

Customer since 2017

Friendly, helpful staff. I’ve been with this company at least 40 years! Quick help when I had a claim—(20 years ago?), but I know the service would be as fast now. As an independent company, they strive to get me the best deal at the lowest price. They review policies often to see that I’m getting the best deal. They specifically did that on my auto insurance when they found a better deal for me with another company. They have a variety of policies— house, rent house, auto, policies on jewelry, instruments, and more. If you need to cover something, ask them. They have all my insurance policies and I am totally pleased with their service.

Customer since 1996

Grimes Insurance is very efficient and very competitive on rates and is always on top of the job.

Benjamin B., customer since 2020

Grimes listened to our needs for a policy, and they assisted us with the best policy for our needs and budget.

Dedra D., customer since 2017

I have always received excellent service from employees at Grimes since I started using them in 2013!

Customer since 2019

The Grimes staff is very quick to work with with us which is generally my biggest pain point with insurance companies. Also, y’all do a great job of finding very competitive pricing.

Clayton C., customer since 2020

Information is readily available so one can make a conscientious decision.

Customer since 2012

Personable, easy!!

Greg D., customer since 2013

Everyone has taken care of each request quickly and efficiently. Not a problem!

Pamela C., customer since 2013

Thank you Grimes for the personal care and always being responsive to our questions.

Robbie D., customer since 2017

Grimes shopped various insurance companies to get me the best prices.

Customer since 2019

You guys are always so helpful and friendly. I never have issues with you. You rock!

Brittany D., customer since 2003

Anytime we called Grimes, the questions were answered quickly and professionally.

John C., customer since 2008

Grime’s service is great and response time is very quick! The staff is courteous and knowledgeable about the insurance plans.

Customer since 2015

Grimes does what they say and mean it. I’ll never change companies.

Linda H., customer since 2002

Thank you for being very informative regarding proper coverage. Grimes has prompt service.

Customer since 2020

Thank you for the great customer service. Y’all are always attentive and knowledgeable!

Jordan D., customer since 2019

Grimes is great at customer service.

Brian G., customer since 2001

When we were first searching for the best home owners policy for our new home, Grimes worked hard to find the best policy for us at the best rate. They have maintained good service ever since.

Customer since 2017

When I was buying my house they were very helpful in providing me the quotes I needed for my home insurance!

Customer since 2020

They are always there when I need help with insurance needs!

Rolando G., customer since 1997

They are always there when you need them.

Bryan M., customer since 2003

They took care of my claims fast and professionally!

Customer since 2019

I’ve always appreciated speaking to the staff at Grimes. It’s also reassuring to know that they are open enough to discuss what is the best way for me to deal with my construction insurance, rental home insurance as well as any business insurance needs and personal insurance needs. It’s nice to have all that availability and variety in one location.

Jaime D., customer since 2018

You are always available to help us with any insurance questions. We value your advice.

Ray B., customer since 2019

Personal service. I feel like you always have my best in mind and want to save me money.

Ryan H., customer since 2013

You are always just a phone call away and always answer every question.

Chad C., customer since 2009

Easy to contact if needed. Takes care of everything for me. Keeps in touch via email or mail for any changes I need to be aware of.

Customer since 2017

We have only had one claim and it was handled with no problems.

Customer since 1998

Price. Yearly quotes instead of 6 months. And great customer service! Have sent you several clients!

Rhonda D., customer since 2018

We have been with Grimes Insurance since moving to Lubbock 12 years ago. They are the best! Jamie and Denise

Jamie C., customer since 2012

We have both home and auto with you. We’ve been working with Cole for awhile, he is the best. We are car people and I keep Cole hopping and he is always pleasant fast and efficient. I think I’ll have another one today. I have recommended you guys several times.

Maxine D., customer since 2017

Everyone is always so helpful and sometimes I call like 20 times with questions and everyone is always so happy to help me without being annoyed with me. I really love how much they help and adjust everything to my needs. Great service over the last years and I recommend them to everyone.

Customer since 2017

You are the best Agency around.

Jerry C., customer since 1984

Grimes makes it easy and personal. We love having a place we can trust with these important decisions.

Aaron D., customer since 2015

Best customer service around

Customer since 2012

Best staff anywhere. Extremely competent and knowledgeable. I’ve been with Grimes Insurance for 68 years!! They are truly the best of LUBBOCK and all of West Texas

Donald G., customer since 1986

Grimes is a family oriented business. I enjoy the personal communication and quick response from any employee at Grimes.

Jeremy C., customer since 2016

Grimes keeps and eye out on your polices to make sure you are getting great coverage for the lowest premium.

Pamela C., customer since 2008

Great service and exceptional prices. Friendly staff that go above and beyond.

David C., customer since 2017

Not only was I able to save on my insurance but the promptness and professionalism was incredible! All the work was done for me which made it even easier. Thank you so much!

Customer since 2020

Niki was fantastic in walking us through a change on our homeowners, vehicle and boat insurance. In all, we are saving $350 per month in insurance costs. I wish we had made the move sooner.

Barak H., customer since 2020

Marianna has been very helpful with getting my new property insured

Molly A., customer since 2019

The agent shops around and finds the best policy for us.

Customer since 2015

We have been with Grimes Insurance for many years & they have always responded very quickly when we needed them. Marianna Grimes is a top notch agent. We have moved several times, but we have always taken Grimes Insurance with us & will continue to recommend them to all of our friends & family.

Ed G., customer since 1989

Keeping in touch with us on updates to policy, policy savings, etc.

Customer since 2014

Cole was diligent in finding affordable insurance to cover our unique needs.

Trace K., customer since 2019

Grimes agents are always there if I need them to answer any questions or concerns. They help get the coverage I need at the price I can afford.

Donna M., customer since 2000

Every phone call I make to grimes I speak with a friendly voice. They listen to my needs and handle everything very quickly.

Colton C., customer since 2017

Great customer service! Always friendly and willing to help!

Dorothy G., customer since 2019

They are easy to work with and respond to my emails.

Customer since 2012

Thanks for the ease of process to get the most bang for our buck.

Customer since 2018

The Grimes staff are the best. They make insurance easy to understand and I know they’ll help me find the right coverage at the best rates.

Rob C., customer since 2017

Grimes is very helpful and time conscious

Walter C., customer since 2009

The Grimes staff’s cordial and sincere approach to find the best individual coverage on our home and autos has always been super good. We have strong trust in their advise and recommendations.

Customer since 2013

They are very responsive when we have questions. Thanks for the committed service!

Alexander C., customer since 2013

Grimes’ staff are very responsive and helpful. They often reach out to me to look into ways to reduce the cost of my coverage.

Greg C., customer since 2009

Nice people Great Service!

Customer since 2019

We were able to get a better rate on our home owners insurance in our new home back in 2016, by visiting Grimes. They were recommended by our real estate agent because he had seen his client save money through them before. Highly recommend checking with Grimes . It was worth almost 400$ a year savings for us.

Carlos C., customer since 2016

To be honest, I never had to file a claim on my home owner’s insurance. I’m thankful the price was very reasonable.

Customer since 2009

It’s very important to me that I have a human being to talk to regarding insurance issues. So far I’ve received a response every time I’ve contacted Angela Barbee.

John Z., customer since 2019

We have appreciated that we are always notified of the best financial deals for our auto and home.

Customer since 2004

Grimes strives to be personal and knowledgeable! Thank you for the follow up.

Customer since 2012

Thank you for the incredible customer service and personalized service.

Patricia C., customer since 2019

Angela and all the staff at Grimes have always gone above and beyond to answer questions quickly and offer top notch personalized service in general.

Marcus C., customer since 2017

Marianna and the others customer service is amazing! I love how they care about us and our family!

Madison C., customer since 2009

They answered calls and returned calls quickly and were very helpful with answering questions when I was making a claim.

Customer since 2018

We saved a ton of money on our insurance premiums and we still have great insurance with caring agents. I’m not sure why we didn’t switch years sooner!

Charles L., customer since 2019

Thank you for always having a friendly and helpful staff when I call. I found affordable car insurance when we had teenage drivers.

Customer since 1998

Grimes has such an easy process and they’re very knowledgeable about the coverage I was needing.

Customer since 2020

We like that we’re friends and not a number. No question is too stupid to ask and you always have an answer to help us. Thank you for being very friendly and having a helpful staff.

Customer since 1999

When we called the staff was great and we didn’t have to wait for answers!

Michael C., customer since 2019

I do appreciate that you shop so many companies to find the best fit, that you explain the coverages in plain language, that you return calls so quickly. It so refreshing to work with a group of people that really strive to help!

Melissa M., customer since 2017

Your staff is helpful and quickly responsive.

Customer since 2018

Angie, one of your employees, helped us by phone to get set up for our house insurance. She was very helpful.

George C., customer since 2019

I appreciated the fact that you and your team are always looking for ways to save us money! Your entire office is extremely helpful and so knowledgeable about the industry. Keep up the great work!

Customer since 2016

Grimes Insurance has been a great company. They have been serving me for over 15 years- auto- motorcycle & RV. The BEST! Always prompt to help & serve.

Customer since 1999

The Grimes team and I are like family.

Russ P., customer since 1997

The Grimes team takes good care of me!

Teri B., customer since 2005

Thank you for always being helpful and willing to help us find what we need.

Chad B., customer since 2009

Grimes has great customer service and great call backs in a timely manner thank you!

Thomas C., customer since 2016

Grimes’ response is always immediate. We feel like we are definitely valued customers.

Kim C., customer since 1997

I always get great service and support plus regular reviews of policies.

Customer since 1999

The only place in Lubbock that I go to get the best service for my insurance all done by the prettiest ladies in town.

Delbert A., customer since 1999

Great customer service and a very easy set up!

Customer since 2020

Grimes is very professional and prompt. Then I meet them in person ……terrific people!

Retta I., customer since 2019

They have been there for us with all our insurance needs!

Bucky A., customer since 1999

Quinetta helped me out tremendously!

Darla H., customer since 2020

Grimes does an outstanding job of shopping policies to give best rates and coverages, even when existing policies increase or are cancelled.

Customer since 2011

No matter what our needs are, or who we need to talk to, everyone at Grimes is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and anxious to make our insurance experiences as clearly understood and painless as possible.

Philip, customer since 2014

Nikki was very courteous, friendly, and helpful. We were looking to save money. Grimes was recommended to us by friends . We have already recommended Grimes to some friends.

James E., customer since 2020

Sonya is readily available to answer my questions or get me the information that I need!

Amanda T., customer since 2019

Grimes is always there when I need them.

John R., customer since 2019

Thank you Grimes everything was perfect!

Javier A., customer since 2019

Grimes is very friendly and helpful especially when I need to make a change.

Customer since 2019

Thank you for the great follow thru throughout the transition.

Michael P., customer since 2019

The girls are very helpful. They realize I am hopeless and old so they go out of their way to help me. Hugs❤️

Dorothy R., customer since 2019

It’s very easy to initiate a policy with Grimes Insurance!

Keith B., customer since 2019

Grimes is very informative, very professional, and very reasonable on pricing!

Jason S., customer since 2019

Our insurance had gone up quite a bit over the last couple of years . Our agent without us asking called me to say she had noticed the increase too and would be looking to find us the best price for the best insurance. Well she did just that ! Thank you so much for what you do!

Norman B., customer since 2017

Grimes has professional conduct and still personable!

Bert W., customer since 2019

There is always someone there that can answer questions whenever I call!

Customer since 2018

Everyone working in the office has been nice and helpful.

Sandra S., customer since 2019

Although the journey has been rough, when I have expressed concern, you have made it a top priority to resolve it.

Rachel B., customer since 2009

Great pricing!

Customer since 2018

Great service, friendly staff.

Vaughn B., customer since 2019

I have appreciated how your agents work to get us the best rates. They continue to work until they find something that works for the client. Love it!

Adrian B., customer since 2019

We have been with Grimes insurance agency for years and don’t plan on changing !!! Grimes has ALWAYS looked out for us with cost in mind but also making sure we had the coverage we needed with a company we could trust !! We could not be happier with the service we receive .

Damon A., customer since 2006

Grimes has great customer service. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Customer since 2005

Super easy process. Susie was fantastic!

Customer since 2020

Angela went above and beyond to find an auto policy with better coverage at a better rate with a reputable company. She also shopped to find an affordable homeowners policy when mine increased. She always answers my questions in a way that I understand.

Customer since 2013

Your staff is always friendly and efficient. My most recent dealings were with Nikki, and she was great. In the past I’ve dealt with Susie, and she is a gem!

Thomas B., customer since 2017

I was literally at the DPS with my expired proof of insurance and in minutes your staff emailed it to me and saved the day. The lady working there was even impressed with my story and I gave her your information.

Brent B., customer since 2017

You guys have done a great job, in the past 45 days Grimes’ staff has written 4 separate homeowners policies and 3 auto policies for me and my family.

Garth G., customer since 2020

I enjoyed the fact that y’all looked up the best Insurance plan for my family and for the best price, also I don’t have to check the policy out because I know you got the policy I need and checked for the loop holes, and made sure it was a good policy for us.

Ronald B., customer since 2017

The staff was extremely easy to work with. Very smooth process!

Jerry F., customer since 2020

Always available to talk and help with any questions-no automated directory! I like talking to people, not answering machines.

James B., customer since 2015

Grimes is the best agency in Lubbock! I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!

Customer since 2012

Grimes is very professional and has a friendly staff.

Jerry B., customer since 2014

You guys have always been very responsive with any need I have had. I moved my insurance from a company that I had done business with all over 40 years.

David B., customer since 2018

My questions are always answered and the changes are done quickly on my homeowner’s policy. I have been a client for 12 years now. Thank you!

Customer since 2008

When I bought my new house Pamela was extremely helpful, and she made the process go very smoothly!

Janet B., customer since 2012

You guys are great at getting back to me when I have a question!

Jenny A., customer since 2009

Grimes Insurance has very friendly people that get you great rates.

Customer since 2010

They have the friendliest and most helpful staff.

Tanya B., customer since 2016

Grimes’ prices are good and they always help when needed. They have excellent customer service.

Customer since 2017

Thank you for the immediate responses and always having immediate action!

Customer since 2018

Thank you for the friendliness!!!

Glenda A., customer since 2020

Great customer service. Flawless. Great rates.

Customer since 2019

Friendly employees, professional manner in which you respond to our questions, the customer is important, the best interest of the customer is apparent, and you and your employees genuinely care about our insurance needs.

Kelly B., customer since 2019

Good communication. Not too much but keeps us in the “know.” Great service on our roof repairs and followup after the contract completed the job. Thank you!

Gary B., customer since 2016

I have used Grimes Insurance for over 20 years now. Every year or two I put my account out for bids to make sure I’m receiving the best price for my family. And have stayed with Grimes year after year. You can’t beat their service but you also can’t beat their vendors on price.

Stephanie A., customer since 2009

I recommended you yesterday. You are very responsive to my changes of late. I appreciate you.

Rita A., customer since 2011

You have always taken great care of us. Thank you!

Cohen A., customer since 2016

Thank you for being very responsive when we need you.

John A., customer since 2018

Grimes has by far surpassed all at finding the best rates and options for us. We use them for all our insurance needs. Their staff always makes the process super easy.

Customer since 2014

We’ve been with Grimes for several years now, and love it! The customer service has always been great when I’ve called in to make various changes or additions to our insurance.

Nathan S., customer since 2013

Grimes Insurance has always been good to us.

Joe A., customer since 2015

We refer everyone we talk to to the Grimes Insurance company. Not only are they the friendliest people they are very helpful anytime we call. They took our previous policies and cut the premiums almost in half. I don’t think we have referred anyone to them that did not change their policies also. Yes, we are very happy.

Rick W., customer since 2013

Grimes is by far the best insurance agency in Lubbock. Our agent, Quinetta Copeland, always provides us the best coverage at the best price. We highly recommend Grimes.

Ann W., customer since 2018

When I call they are available within a reasonable time. If they are out they let me know so I can speak to someone else. Thank you!

Customer since 2018

Great service!

Customer since 2014

Cole was super friendly and very helpful. Being a first time home owner he helped me pick all the perfect coverage at a great price!!!

Brady S., customer since 2020

Thus far, you have done everything well and correctly. Thank you!

Theophile, customer since 2006

Thank you for always being available to take our call and answers our questions and having great prices!

Gerardo A., customer since 2019

great customer service + great competitive prices = 2 happy customers!

James C., customer since 2020

All of my experiences with Grimes’ staff have been prompt and friendly. Thank you for always being willing to answer any questions I might have.

Leonor A., customer since 2019

You guys were very helpful and friendly!

Customer since 2019

You guys are always great to work with, very accommodating, and very knowledgeable with my insurance needs.

Customer since 2011

We have used Grimes Insurance for our home and auto coverage for a number of years now. Their team is very responsive and always more than willing to help. We feel like they are acting with our best interest in mind!

Tanner V., customer since 2011

Quinetta Copeland at Grimes was very helpful. She knew what I was asking for and got me quotes quickly! I was very impressed with the speed of the process and the price of the quotes.

Customer since 2019

Your company is always willing to help out whenever we need your assistance. Thank you!

Johnny, customer since 2007

Cole was super awesome and friendly. He helped me find the best coverage for my new and first home without any issues.

Katana S., customer since 2019

Grimes shopped our insurance needs each year to get the best possible service and price!

Angela, customer since 2012

Grimes always takes care of customers that I send your way.

John H., customer since 2006

Grimes is a name you can trust in the insurance industry. They are courteous, professional, and always have great feedback to help make sure we are getting the best deal possible. I love working with the team at Grimes! They are amazingly supportive and you can trust their integrity and dedication to excellent customer service.

Customer since 2006

Responses are always quick when needed help with our house in Lubbock.

Customer since 2019

Grimes’ staff is extremely helpful and the premium prices were Great!

Tom R., customer since 2020

Thank you for checking to see if i could get coverage on another house I own at a lower rate as well as always being there during business hours to answer any questions I have have!

Customer since 2018

Sonya and Q are friendly and professional and make the insurance process so easy!

Customer since 2018

As always, things went quickly and smoothly. Thank you for everything!

Adam D., customer since 2019

Love this place . Very happy with you guys .

Customer since 2020

Someone recommend grimes insurance to me , so far I am very satisfied with Grimes. Thank you!

Customer since 2020

The price was right, as well as the coverages. The service was friendly and the process was smooth and quick. We feel that this is a good place for a long-term relationship.

Bryce C., customer since 2020

We love Grimes Insurance! We were recommended to them when we purchased our first home, and we’ve continued to use them for every purchase since. They are so personable, provide excellent customer service, and have treated us like family. They really make everything so easy and seamless. Insurance can be confusing, but I never question whether we are properly covered with Grimes. They are GREAT!

Steve S., customer since 2012

Great customer service! I feel that Ryan Reynolds got me the best insurance at the best price he could. Thanks!

Customer since 2020

Grimes is great to work with! They takes care of you and makes sure you are covered! Love doing business with this team and I highly recommend to anyone needing insurance!

Customer since 2013

Very kind and helpful!

Kimberly L., customer since 2014

Just gave your name to a friend of mine looking for better insurance coverage . . Hope you can help her .

Customer since 2013

We have enjoyed being with Grimes Insurance Agency, they have always been very helpful and understanding of any concerns. Thank you for being a wonderful and caring company.

Terry S., customer since 2016

Grimes helped us find cheaper home insurance rates and gave us step by step instructions on what we needed to do to make the changes pain free.

Customer since 2009

Great communication and finding the right fit for our insurance needs!

Bill, customer since 2018

Can be depended upon to answer all questions quickly and informatively.

Rick W., customer since 2013

Received multiple quotes on home insurance that would fit my needs. Quick reply to emails and returned missed phone calls

Customer since 2019

You respond so quickly to my needs, telephone calls, emails, and texts. Also suggestions on how to better my coverage and save me money.

Christine N., customer since 2019

I always suggest Grimes Insurance to all my clients.

Customer since 2018

Always helpful and speedy communication

Customer since 2013

They are great at providing excellent customer service and finding the right insurance for home and auto.

Customer since 2008

You are knowledgeable and over the last 20+ years you have always had a solution for my problem

Tom W., customer since 1997

You made the process of selecting what we needed very easy and are always very helpful with questions.

Customer since 2018

I received an out-of-the-blue notice on an account that Grimes set-up for me that my policy was being cancelled. I called Grimes and the multiple people I talked to all worked with me to make sure this was resolved, but the way they empathized with my frustrations, checked-in for updates, and worked on my behalf, showed that they cared about me as more than just a number.

Customer since 2017

Your willingness to always find what is important to our specific needs. Weather it be cost or coverage you always go to great lengths to make it happen. Thank you for many years of taking care of us! And Sonya and Susan are the absolute best people y’all could ever have on your team.

Scott B., customer since 2014

Great service, great pricing!

Tim, customer since 2017

Great customer service and great follow up when a question is asked.

Jaime, customer since 2018

Great customer service.

James, customer since 2009

Full service shop, handle all our needs and anticipate possible problems

Mark, customer since 2017


Customer since 2020

Great service over many years of being with Grimes Insurance Agency.

John, customer since 1999

Grimes Insurance was recommended by Chris Raney of Lubbock. We connected with Quinetta and she was professional & helpful in getting us the right insurance and the right price for our new home.

Gary T., customer since 2020

I like very much the time and attention they give me when I need to talk to them. They never talk down to me and always explain the details in such a way that is very appreciated. Everything that I’ve needed has been done promptly and correctly the first time. I always recommend this agency when someone is looking for new insurance.

Sharon W., customer since 2010

Susie was a great help to us and always has been able to find us great rates and coverages too.

Penny W., customer since 2000

Great Experience working with Niki on instating the Home Insurance Policy. Have already shared with friends and family.

Jeff P., customer since 2020

I had my home insurance for the past 4 years with Grimes insurance. They got me the best deal possible for my home and my investment property. They have also been very nice to remind of my payment whenever it’s the due since I always forget to do that. Very helpful, effective and friendly people in Grimes insurance. Thank you all,

Customer since 2015

Grimes is always looking at for our best interests and has been available anytime we’ve had questions.

Jeff W., customer since 1999

Grimes found me a great deal on insurance at an affordable cost.

Customer since 2020

Prompt, professional, yet personal.

Customer since 1997

Always answers questions, and is prompt to provide paperwork. We refinanced and the new loan company got the insurance paperwork immediately. Very good customer service.

Richard W., customer since 2018

You guys are always there to answer questions in a timely and professional manner. Just wish I still lived in the Lubbock area. That said, you have continued to be great for us when it comes to homeowners insurance while we are forced to be here in the Wichita Falls area. Thank you.

Customer since 2010

Customer service is so great and the people! They also have taken care of us on every aspect of our insurance.

Customer since 2011

You’re very personable and knowledgeable. I appreciate that you shop around for the best coverages and rates for us.

Jim W., customer since 2012

Everything was done very well and I’ve been extremely happy with Grimes Insurance for almost 30 years!

Randy W., customer since 2001

The staff at Grimes found the perfect coverage for my home and auto policies. We are completely satisfied with the continued help and support even after the transactions have been completed.

Customer since 2005

Whenever I call with questions and they are always answered very quickly!

Gary Y., customer since 2018

We love working with Grimes Insurance Agency. Have been with them for many years and had great service. Great people to work with

Andy W., customer since 1999

Always helpful and informative anytime I need anything. Great rates as well.

Katrina Y., customer since 2013

Grimes is friendly and always knows how to help and going out of the way to tell me when things will fall off and insurance stops. Great service!

Brandon W., customer since 2011

The customer service is excellent. Everyone is very helpful in taking care of changes and getting good pricing, even making suggestions on changes to improve our costs, unsolicited. Thank you!

Steven W., customer since 2008

Your response is always quick and the experience is positive. I really appreciate the level of customer service you provide anytime I call with a question.

Vicki W., customer since 2014

Very good communication!

Michael W., customer since 2017

Thank you for the prompt response!

Customer since 2018

Great customer service and always keeps us informed of the best rates at time of renewal on our different policies! They do the shopping for us!

Larry R., customer since 2011

Great Service!

Customer since 2016

Grimes is very quick and helpful.

Austin W., customer since 2019

Excellent service from you and your staff!. I enjoy working with Grimes Insurance.

Dr. V., customer since 2013

Grimes is very cost effective!

Customer since 2020

You have enough staff that I have never had an extensive wait to meet with an agent. I appreciate their friendly and knowledgable service to their clients. The issues I have had were all resolved promptly. Thank you.

Customer since 2018

I needed a vehicle taken off and it was done immediately and a new rate set. Everyone there is friendly and very helpful.

Customer since 2011

Grimes has pleasant people to work with whenever needed.

Robert W., customer since 2018

You were kind and helpful shopping through different companies to find the best coverage for the price for my family and I appreciate that!! LInda was an amazing help!!

Larry G., customer since 2020

We are extremely pleased with Grimes Insurance and would gladly refer our friends and family.

Gary W., customer since 2018

You have the lowest prices I have found with the very best helpful, friendly service.

Ronald W., customer since 2014

The price of my insurance has been very reasonable for what I am receiving and the customer service has been wonderful.

Brian W., customer since 2018

Everything is so far and easy to get the problem taken care of!

Tammy W., customer since 2016

You helped us with a more reasonable priced auto and renter’s insurance. Grimes is always very helpful and kind.

Customer since 2012

Thanks for shopping around for me on all my Policies when they go up without me even asking!

Larry W., customer since 2016

Grimes will handle your needs quickly.

Richard W., customer since 2019

A little while back without me asking you, y’all called me and said my current insurance was going up so you said that you would look for something cheaper. I really appreciated that. And you did find me cheaper insurance, thank you!

Rick W., customer since 2014

Just did a great job of finding good, affordable coverages for us. Acted genuinely interested in us and our needs.

Charles W., customer since 2019

Grimes’ staff is excellent!

Vijay T., customer since 1996

I trust Grimes to do what is right for us.

Customer since 2016

The service has been great! We are very happy with Grimes Insurance.

Customer since 2019

Great service and we know we’re protected on our cars and home.

Customer since 2016

Thanks for the prompt service and personalized attention!

Customer since 2013

Grimes has good communication and is very friendly.

Customer since 2018

The people at Grimes Insurance Agency have always been very friendly. They always try to get us the coverage that is right for us. We have been with them for over twenty years and have always had a positive attitude for them.

Allan S., customer since 1997

You always answer any questions we have in a very prompt time.

Lela V., customer since 2013

Customer Service is exceptional and the rates are the best we found.

Customer since 2017

You provide good service and I have never had any issues using your insurance agency.

Joshua V., customer since 2013

Grimes is always professional and quick to answer questions and provide help!

Scott T., customer since 2014

Your agents are always available to help me with questions, new car insurance, etc. I can always count on your company to be there when I need you.

Vivian V., customer since 2013

Everyone that works there is very nice and very helpful.

Travis W., customer since 2018

Every time I have had a question or problem – Grimes took care of it immediately!

Edward V., customer since 2014

Thanks for all your help with my insurance needs!

Kim C., customer since 2020

Great customer service from Grimes!

Todd V., customer since 2016

Grimes is very easy to deal with and very helpful.

Todd V., customer since 2010

Grimes is the BOMB!

Beau T., customer since 2011

I call Grimes frequently with questions and they are always willing and kind to answer my questions. Great customer service and great prices!

Customer since 2016

Good job to all the staff!

Feliciano V., customer since 2013

You guys are awesome. I recommend you to all of my family and friends. Every time I need something it’s taken care of quickly and correctly!

Customer since 2014

I’ve been a customer of Grimes Insurance Agency for several years now. The Grimes team provide exceptional customer service and are always there to answer questions and to make sure their clients have a great experience.

Shannon M., customer since 2013

Had a great conversation with Sandy, listened to me and brought options and most of all gave valuable insight in my decision!

Customer since 2020

Grimes is always helpful with any questions I might have.

Customer since 2006

Grimes is consistent and concerned with their service!

Customer since 1998

Grimes has great service and is always quick to respond.

Customer since 2017

Grimes is very helpful and very accommodating. They explain your options and answers questions. Thank you very much!

Alma T., customer since 2009

Grimes is always helpful and polite!

Taya T., customer since 2013

Grimes provides the best value in home insurance at the best cost!

Don T., customer since 2007

Grimes shops for the best rate for you!

Customer since 2018

Thanks for always being available for any questions or concerns about my policies!

Chris T., customer since 2013

We like the personal service and knowing we can call with questions and speak to a friendly knowledgeable person.

Customer since 2014

I really like how your office is proactive in finding us the right solutions. The agents even call us to find better situations for insurance needs for the house.

Customer since 2010

I have used Grimes for years and even though I was away for awhile, that’s where I came back to. Grimes is always attentive to my needs including budget and they always help you take care of anything that may go wrong. I love them!

Customer since 1999

Very friendly, works quickly to fix the issue, always check backs to see how it’s going.

Luis T., customer since 2015

Grimes has good rates and good customer service.

Customer since 2019

Grimes makes everything hassle free!

Alex T., customer since 2015

The staff is always available to answer questions. Thank you!

Jerry S., customer since 1990

We love that we got such a good rate. No one has been able to beat it.

Customer since 2018

Grimes produced a timely HO quote that saved me a lot of money.

Kenneth K., customer since 2019

Personalized customer care and speedy assistance that’s right the first time. Thank you!

Customer since 2015

Great customer service and low rates! Thank you for everything!

Cynthia T., customer since 2019

Love you are local and the fact we can actually speak to someone in person!

Customer since 2016

Grimes Insurance is very competitive and extremely helpful with any questiona I have had. I will recommend them to anyone searching for insurance quotes. You can’t beat local agents who are there when you need them.

Les B., customer since 2018

Consistent solid customer service!

Raquel M., customer since 2013

Great help while trying to close one house out-of-state and purchase one in Lubbock simultaneously.

Bob G., customer since 2019

Great customer service!

Johnny S., customer since 2011

Great customer service!

Customer since 2016

They made the process easy and affordable.

Customer since 2019

Grimes Insurance was recommended by family and my realator. I was purchasing my first home and needed help through the process and Angela was great. She found me great insurance at an affordable rate. Any questions I’ve had they’ve been very quick to respond. My son now uses them for his renter’s insurance. If I trust them with my family, you can trust them with your’s.

Misty M., customer since 2018

I remember when I added my second son to my insurance as another driver. The person who assisted me gave me the lowest quote and was very patient to answer all my questions. I love the way they treated me, thanks and God bless.

Customer since 2016

Very helpful, I’m very glad I reached out to Quinetta for my Insurance needs. I will, and have recommend Grime’s to my associates. Thank you, Quinetta for your professional knowledge regarding my Insurance needs.

Customer since 2019

Fast with every request and great customer service.

Neisha S., customer since 2016

Able to make my payments by phone, which is quick and easy. Able to extend my payments a few days ahead which helps a lot. Able to talk to someone I can understand over the phone. Able to call for roadside assistance. When needed. Great service!

Customer since 1999

We have had great customer service.

Customer since 2015

Quick to answer an concerns we had or may have had.

Customer since 2018

Great customer service, getting or modifying insurance is very easy and they make the process a breeze and always make sure we have the best deal!

Customer since 2013

I always get great customer service. When I ask a question, I get a good explanation or answer.

Daniel S., customer since 2018

Grimes has been very good to us from the day we bought our first home. I always highly recommend them every chance I get!

Dustin S., customer since 2014

Very helpful with questions. Always have done what was said you would do!

Customer since 2017

I love not having to worry about all the tiny details! Thank you for taking care of us

Summer S., customer since 2017

The agent is very fast to help me out with any changes. Which I have had some lately.

Customer since 1998

You have kept up with when prior driving points expired and adjusted accordingly. You helped with my hail claim.

Customer since 2016

You all are always very helpful and handle all my questions in a timely matter.

Customer since 2003

I get easy to get responses to questions. Quick to revise policies.

Customer since 2017

Professional and Helpful

Josh S., customer since 2014

Great company, anytime I need anything, it is handled in a quick and efficient manner. All employees are knowledgeable and friendly.

Debbie S., customer since 2012

Provided absolute transparency in spotting and sharing better provider and service options.

Customer since 2014

Getting a quote, interacting with staff and signing the documents were pain free. I have already recommended Grimes to several friends and colleagues!

Cory R., customer since 2013

Took care of my problems immediately everyone I came in contact was very friendly and helpful

Customer since 1999

Overall I was satisfied. Everyone I worked with seemed to know what they are doing.

Customer since 2018

Grimes insurance was referred to me by my real estate agent for a new house. I enjoyed working with them in getting my insurance needs met.

Tom G., customer since 2019

I love that agents will look over our policies and contact us if there is a better deal. Other than that we don’t hear from anyone. (which we love). So we know no news is good news. We don’t have to worry about our coverage because we trust that Grimes is taking care of our needs.

Customer since 2016

Linda (I believe) was so very helpful with helping me find the fastest best insurance for my new first forever home! It was such an easy process and I am very thankful! Thank you!

Kourtney J., customer since 2019

Cole was helpful and able to answer my many questions. He was prompt at returning my calls and handled all my needs seamlessly.

Arthur N., customer since 2019

The personal service is a big reason we continue using Grimes insurance.

Customer since 1987

I absolutely loved the fact that I was never made to feel like “just another client”. The service was very personal.

Jason R., customer since 2019

Timely phone call responses and always helpful!

Aubrey M., customer since 2016

Not only does Grimes Insurance have the best rates in town but the office staff are also very nice and helpful. Whenever I have called with a question or to change something on my policy they have always been very ready to take care of my needs. I would recommend them highly!

Clifford M., customer since 2017

Worked to get me the best value for my money, best coverages at the best prices.

Gary S., customer since 2019

We have never had a company that is so careful to review each persons material. So glad to have you all!

Jay L., customer since 2016

Very professional and understanding knowledge of insurance policies.

Enrique C., customer since 2019

I love working with Marianna! She is so helpful and quick to address my needs. I recommend Grimes to all my friends and coworkers looking for insurance.

Customer since 2015

Always been very helpful and personal! The staff is very professional and always willing to help you solve your insurance needs.

Customer since 1999

Very friendly and quick response

Customer since 2014

Always helpful with any problems.

Customer since 2016

prompt response whenever we need help; courteous staff; very knowledgeable

Customer since 2009

Always easy to get in touch with and answer any questions we have! Always working to get us the best prices and making us feel important!

Customer since 2014

As new home owners we had no idea what we were doing when looking for home insurance. Grimes did an awesome job in matching us with the perfect insurance and giving us new tips also.

Customer since 2018

Dealing with either an insurance website or automated phone system never seems to resolve questions or problems I might be having. I love that you are only a phone call away to help answer any insurance questions or fix issues.

Customer since 2012

Great customer service and their interest on meeting your needs

Alexander L., customer since 2019

Helped me find new coverage when my needs changed within 24 hours. Always friendly and helpful!

Customer since 2019

Always responsive & helpful.

Corey L., customer since 2016

I refer to ya’ll all the time, because I feel like you truly take care of me and my family’s insurance needs, and really make sure that we get the best value every year. So, I know you will take care of those I refer to you, as well. Thank you!

Customer since 2016

good service, our questions are always answered

Customer since 2008

Found us the best rates. Good customer service.

Customer since 2012

I would recommend this insurance company to any one, looking for insurance.

Michael L., customer since 2017

Very helpful and willing and able to share many different options to meet your needs.

Customer since 2015

They always take great care of my needs and are always very helpful and friendly!

Scott L., customer since 2017

Very efficient and helpful.

Customer since 2014

Very fast and helpful on claims. Well done.

Bert L., customer since 2013

You guys were fast. Nikki was very friendly and easy to work with. In addition, you were the best price.

Kolby K., customer since 2010

Grimes Insurance has always been very informative for any questions that we have had. The customer service reps are always polite and very responsive.

Jason L., customer since 2017

You are always prompt service and answers.

Customer since 2015

Grimes checks for current quotes when my insurance is due and I filed a claim last time we had hail and it was very easy and completed satisfactorily.

Customer since 2008

We appreciate Grimes friendliness and the quick professional response times to our questions and calls. We have found that Grimes gives the best quotes for home insurance.

Karrina L., customer since 2017

Grimes makes my insurance issues very easy. A simple phone call and they’re able to provide me with everything I need. Very appreciative of their help.

Customer since 2015

Excellent service and communication. Promptness in answering the question. Pro stance for your clients. Toleration of questions I have asked.

Customer since 2019

Good prices.

Barbie L., customer since 2019

Y’all did great finding me a cheaper option on insurance and following up with me on the things needed to get that done.

Stephen L., customer since 2017

Just always friendly and helpful.

Tom K., customer since 2016

Very accommodating and friendly!!

James L., customer since 2010

Great customer service at Grimes Insurance Company!! They make you feel like a person not just a number! Thank you for not being like all the other insurance companies!! Wana Hunt

Wana H., customer since 2013

Folks at Grimes Insurance Co. always help with any and all questions I have for my insurance that we have which is a car and home insurance. We have had Grimes Insurance for our insurance needs for many years. Thanks, Marianna for our continued friendship and business needs being filled. Thank you all, Ruby Hulett

Ruby H., customer since 1996

We love that anytime we call or email with questions we get answers in a timely fashion. Everyone is always friendly. We especially love Marianna! She provides us with the best service and explains all of our options to us so that we can make the best decisions for our family.

Marcus J., customer since 2016

Gteat rates on both home and auto. A recent auto claim was processed vety promptly.

Customer since 2017

Miranda Murphy, one of your agents is very prompt, responsive, and helpful when we discuss matters, or when I request documents or information. Even when she is not in the office the other employees you have do just as good a job, if not better. I couldn’t see myself ever changing agencies.

Nicolas, customer since 2017

When I needed insurance you were easy to work with. Friendly and courteous when we talked by phone and responded promptly by phone or email when I had questions. Good service and that’s important to me.

Customer since 2018

I needed a bonded title to a truck I purchased. I called to ask about it and you were quick to jump right on it and get it done. Was very pleased with the quick response and service.

Customer since 2019

Grimes has been a good company for me and has been there for me when I needed them most.

Carlos J., customer since 2015

Great customer service and always friendly when I call!!! Grimes takes great care of all of my needs!

Holly H., customer since 2006

Always good service!

Customer since 2016

It was quick and easy I feel like you found the best deal for me for my insurance needs .

John R., customer since 2019

The person who worked with me was very informative and prompt in his service. I am very glad I was recommended this agency to do business with!

Joe M., customer since 2019

I appreciate the personal interaction for the insurance on my home. Last year, when my roof was replaced, Grimes Insurance put me in touch with the right person at ASI. My mortgage company required a lot of paperwork so the going got rough and bogged down a few times. The ASI agent helped me get things back on track. Always proactive, always helpful, I’m staying with Grimes Insurance.

Customer since 2013

Great Service and always very willing to help!

Tom J., customer since 2016

No hidden agency fees like other independent agencies and they are in constant contact with us.

Customer since 2017

Angela is always helpful when I have questions about my policies or coverage. I may not always reach her on the first attempt but she is prompt in returning my call. Great customer service!

Jerry H., customer since 1996

good price

Customer since 2018

I just love the consideration they give you.

Debra I., customer since 2016

We needed a policy change made for our house in Amarillo. I called from the parking lot of our Chase Bank in Arizona, hoping to leave a message for Ms. Copeland; expecting a call back, Ms. Copeland not only answered our call but within minutes had our calamity solved. Thank you for the great service. Ginny & Thom Janulis

Thom J., customer since 2019

Always Available and rates are always better and lower with excellent coverage.

Customer since 2016

I appreciated the fast response times with the quotes and all questions were answered in a timely manner.

Adam M., customer since 2019

We are very happy with Grimes Insurance and have used them for many years. Their customer service is outstanding, they are local and they are a company you can trust. Raymond and Brenda Romero

Raymond R., customer since 2002

The best thing I love about Grimes is the promp service, it doesn’t take you days to get things done, y’all are also very courteous and understand our needs.

Customer since 2012

Grimes Insurance Agency has handled my insurance needs for many years. Any questions or concerns I have are quickly answered. Everybody on staff is professional, helpful, and friendly.

Customer since 2009

Miranda is so sweet, very prompt, and professional. I really appreciated that she answered all of my questions, and she is super flexible with her availability. I would highly recommend grimes insurance!

Taci, customer since 2019

Angela, I am very impressed with the exchange of communication and courtesy that you never seem to falter from. I appreciate that you look for the best deal out there for my insurance needs. Thank you.

Noe H., customer since 2014

Marianna was very friendly to us. She made us feel welcome when we knew no one. She was helpful with not only insurance but other important matters we asked her.

Customer since 2019

They answer all my questions anytime I call. They are local and have great customer service.

Danny C., customer since 2015

I am very happy with Grimes Insurance Agency and have and will recommend them in the future. Sonya in the Commercial Department is the best has all the answers and never keeps you waiting. Job well done

Customer since 2010

Angela has always been consistent in her customer service, going above and beyond when our needs call for it. Thank you for your continuous effort!

Manuel G., customer since 2013

Grimes Insurance always takes care of my needs quickly and they are so friendly to work with.

Jamie G., customer since 2016

Any time I have a question, Quinetta was there with the answer. Thanks, Grimes Insurance Agency.

Jo G., customer since 2019

I love dealing with someone local, not to mention that y’all found us the best insurance, related to price and coverage. It was better than we found on our own.

Martin F., customer since 2018

Professional service with customer service focus. Good job!

Customer since 2017

Every time I call they listen carefully and give me excellent advice. It doesn’t bother me to change policies for a better price because they make it so easy. Every claim I’ve had to make has been smooth and resolved quickly with their help. They are very good at what they do.

Josh F., customer since 2013

Always very helpful and knowledgeable with our insurance needs. I highly recommend Grimes insurance!

Customer since 2015

Great customer service and someone is always available to answer any questions we have! They work hard to make sure we are getting the best deals on our policies with the most discounts possible.

Customer since 2016

Great prices!

Tyrone F., customer since 2016

Very quick and painless process. They let us know immediately when there is anything we need to take care of.

Ryan F., customer since 2013

Grimes Insurance Agency shopped around and helped get the best home rate possible. And always so quick to respond back!

Customer since 2009

It’s great to have a relationship with a vendor in this day of automation. Anytime I’ve had a question or change request, I’ve been able to call and speak directly with, not only an actual person, but a helpful one.

Michael F., customer since 2014

Grimes answers the phone on the first ring. If I need to leave a voicemail Angela always calls me back within the hour. This is huge for me. As far as my insurance and affordability, I do not think Grimes can be beat finding the best for everything that you would need to be insured. Thank you, Grimes and family, for setting the bar high and doing business the way it should be done. It’s tough to find in this day and age.

Kaleb B., customer since 2014

Highly professional inspection and communication…..A+++++

Customer since 2017

Whenever I had any concerns someone would always make themselves available quickly to help me with a solution. Very happy with your service. Happy with the prices for my insurance.

Betty E., customer since 2014

I have used the Grimes agency for years. I have my cars, home, boat all insured by grimes. I always receive prompt personal service. Grimes is the best in the business in my opinion.

Jeremy P., customer since 2010

Friendly and on the ball!!!

Linda H., customer since 2002

Friendly professional service with very competitive prices.

Charles W., customer since 1998

Customer response is quick, friendly and knowledgeable!

Robbie D., customer since 2017

Always professional. Easy to talk with and very informed.

Teresa, customer since 2003

Very friendly and informative!

Stacia R., customer since 2019

Great service. Personalized. The employees are friends! I call in a last-minute panic because I forgot to mail in a payment or need a copy of proof of insurance for my car, and boom, it’s fixed! Great service.

Constance G., customer since 1996

Always available to answer questions and call us back when necessary.

Customer since 2015

You have always been available to me and seemed to be working hard to protect my interests and get me quality insurance at the best rates.

Alan C., customer since 2010

Good communication and feedback in finding the best coverage for us.

Customer since 2017

Great customer service and immediate answers to questions.

Anna L., customer since 2014

Always there to help us with any questions we are concerned with Susan is the best !!!! Thank all of you !!!! Van

Van C., customer since 2014

Customer service was good. The policies from Grimes provided significant premium savings.

Douglas K., customer since 2019

My favorite thing about Grimes Insurance is their customer service. I appreciate the opportunities to save money on the same level of coverage.

Amanda C., customer since 2014

You guys try to stay on top of all my insurance needs and I greatly appreciate that.

Jaime D., customer since 2018

Marianna has been fantastic for our family,always there when you need her.Love her to death.❤️❤️

Bryan M., customer since 2003

The service was streamed lined in a manner in which was thorough and quick. Pamela Adkins specifically, is clearly a subject matter expert.

Timothy W., customer since 2019

Very friendly and knowledgeable

Customer since 2017

Personal, detail oriented service! Quick responses to messages and questions.

Ray B., customer since 2019

Linda is absolutely fabulous! Found me a fantastic rate with no hassle at all (waaaaaay lower than what I was paying for a lesser coverage policy). She’s a fantastic professional and a major asset to Grimes.

Caitlin D., customer since 2019

Prices very reasonable and the associates are extremely accessible.

Tammy J., customer since 2019

Very fast to quote and we know everyone there looks for the best deal for us. I have recommended you highly to friends.

Maxine D., customer since 2017

We always receive prompt and friendly service. We have good insurance coverage for a fair price.

Customer since 2014

Grimes Insurance is a friendly office of professionals that are always very receptive to my requests for assistance. I deal with Grimes remotely from California and I’ve never had an issue with getting the help I need in a timely manner.

Gregory C., customer since 2005

I enjoy the personal touch that Grimes provides. I have a direct number I can contact and have immediate response.

Jeremy C., customer since 2016

I appreciate the fact you are looking out for your clients. You communicate well.

Customer since 2010

Friendly staff and have always taken care of us! And easy to get in touch with! Always able to get answers!

Jackie C., customer since 2009

Great customer service!!!

Sean C., customer since 2016

We have used Grimes Insurance since we moved from the DFW to Lubbock. We have been extremely pleased with their service and professionalism. Mrs. Grimes and her team are dependable, courteous; prompt, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. We highly recommend their services without reservation.

Dr. A., customer since 2017

I always get personal attention at Grimes insurance and never feel like I am just a customer. Everyone there is so helpful and they always go the extra step to ensure everything is taken care of with my family.

Keli C., customer since 2011

We have used Grimes Insurance for the past 4 years and we are very pleased with their service. Anytime we had questions or needed anything they have been friendly, prompt and knowledgeable!

Lee A., customer since 2016

Friendly and always very helpful, never suggest more insurance than I need. Always shoppes for the best deals and best price.

Ed G., customer since 1989

You are always prompt in your responses to my emails. When I have called everyone has been very courtesy. After a really horrible accident, my family had, y’all went over and above checking on my son. Who had 80 surgeries and will be 35 next year in January. Thank you for the good job.

Pamela C., customer since 2013

Never had any issues and feel that y’all are a good and fair rate.

Jason C., customer since 2019

Linda was a dream! I needed much hand holding during this process as I had been with State Farm for 30+ years. She explained everything to me twice and made sure I felt comfortable. I truly appreciated her help through this process.

Teresa V., customer since 2019

They are very helpful and make sure you get the best deal. They respond to any and all questions quickly and put the customer first.

Customer since 2019

Grimes Insurance is always there when I need you. Great customer service.

Donna M., customer since 2000

The folks at Grimes took the task of finding a great homeowner’s policy off my shoulders. I appreciate how they looked out for my interests.

Hedy C., customer since 2019

You are quick to respond

Greg C., customer since 2009

Comparative prices. Very knowledgeable

Customer since 2018

The service and recommendations provided by you guys have saved me so much money and I’ve gotten better response from the insurance company when I need it! I will almost never get my own insurance without going through you guys again! Thank you so much.

Customer since 2017

We feel like Grimes Insurance Agency cares. You provide “hypothetical ” scenarios so I can reevaluate what I’m going to do. You look for cheaper policies at renewal without being asked. And taking care of our son.

Kenneth C., customer since 2009

I have had lots of opportunity to call for questions or needs and Susan ALWAYS is friendly, answers my questions and is so prompt! I love working with her when I need to and that makes all the difference! She’s awesome!

Customer since 2016

Grimes Insurance Agency and their staff not only provide helpful information when we need it, but they do it swiftly and with the personal touch. That’s why they’re such a pleasure to do business with.

Eric C., customer since 2012

Grimes Insurance Agency is always easy to reach by phone, even if my agent isn’t available someone is always there to help.

Robert C., customer since 2013

From our initial conversation, our best interest has been kept at the forefront by maintaining our coverage at the best cost. Your staff has kept in contact with us on a regular basis, and we appreciate that.

Alfredo C., customer since 2017

I have experienced great customer service with Grimes Insurance Agency. Every time I call someone answers the phone in a timely manner and handles my issues promptly and with a kind attitude.

Katie C., customer since 2017

The group at Grimes Insurance is always super attentive to my needs. My questions are answered quickly; my services are tended to promptly, and I have been insured by the great quality and customer-oriented insurance companies.

Lori G., customer since 2004

Excellent service, great prices, and easy to get started!

Customer since 2018

Very nice people and professional and always offering the best deals possible with the best coverages.

Javier C., customer since 2007

As independent agents, Grimes shops carriers for you. Grimes obtains the best rates and coverages available and responds with fast, friendly, service.

Clark C., customer since 2011

Grimes provides great service like when you called when you saw our home insurance premium going up and offered to shop it for us. Thank you!

Steve C., customer since 2017

When I call I always feel that I will get a true answer and that all people working at the agency are working to helping to get me the greatest VALUE, not the cheapest. I appreciate that.

Darla C., customer since 2014

Ryan Reynolds was extremely informative and helpful! He made sure that we understood our policy, and helped find us the best one for our new home. We know that if something ever did occur, Grimes Insurance Agency would be there with a lending hand. Thank you, Ryan!

Sara L., customer since 2019

Personal attention and saved us money

Charles L., customer since 2019

You’re always available to answer questions or to assist when needed.

Ricky C., customer since 2015

I have had insurance- multi policies with Grimes Insurance for almost twenty years. They have been great- when an adjustment/ change has been needed Grimes is only a phone call away. My requests/ needs have always been handled promptly & professionally. I appreciate Grimes very MUCH! They help make my life easier & know I have coverage.

Customer since 1999

Great customer service.

Customer since 2009

I was pleased with my rate.

Customer since 2014

We’ve been taken care of with our issue since starting our relationship with Grimes and appreciate it very much.

Customer since 2015

You are very helpful every time I call. I can ask a question and you find the answer. You are always kind and respectful and do not make me feel dumb for asking a question. Thanks for the good job you do.

Rebecca B., customer since 1996

Grimes did an amazing job for us!! They found us better insurance and saved us money!!!

Kari P., customer since 2019

Great customer service!

Anita C., customer since 2016

Answered all questions and saved us $85 a month difference from our old policy.

Ronald S., customer since 2019

Knowledgeable Agent, much better pricing than we were getting and easy to maneuver forms. Very nice person to talk to on the phone.

Customer since 2019

Grimes provides great services

Lupe C., customer since 2017

Friendly, helpful service and good results!

Gary M., customer since 2019

Susie works very well to obtain my lowest rating possible!

Truman B., customer since 1996

We asked for the best insurance available to fit our current needs, and got it. Pam was very helpful.

Dakota J., customer since 2019

Because you know us personally. We’re family

Russ P., customer since 1997

Always prompt attention to our questions and to insurance changes that are triggered by in our life circumstances.

Customer since 2004

Angela at Grimes Insurance has given us fast, professional & courteous service on both Home and Auto Insurance. We enjoy working with Grimes because they work hard to get their customers the best coverage at the best price..

Customer since 1996

Grimes has always shown an interest in managing our insurance cost. That was especially helpful and appreciated when we owned a business.

Dilford C., customer since 1998

We have used Grimes Insurance Agency for many years and they have always been very helpful and knowledgeable. They have gone out of their way to find the appropriate insurance coverage for whatever we needed. Everyone in the office is pleasant and helpful. Don’t believe you can find a better insurance agency in Lubbock!

Preston G., customer since 1999

You have been great for us. Thank you!

Kim C., customer since 1997

Thank you for all that you do and have done for Stella’s and myself personally!

Billy, customer since 1998

Anytime I have an issue or question, either Marianna or Susan are always quick to help me. I’ve been with them a long time, and don’t have any plans for changing.

Sharon F., customer since 1984

Marianna has always gone above and beyond to make sure my home and autos were taken care of even when I forgot about something she would always call and make sure they were taken care of!

John A., customer since 2010

I appreciate the friendliness and personal attention, not to mention good prices.

Ellis M., customer since 2019

Everyone is always friendly and helpful. Ive just never had an issue with Grimes

Customer since 2016

Brenda is awesome and takes great care of us we m when we call or have any questions.

Mike B., customer since 2012

We love the service that you provide. Susie is wonderful and helps me with a variety of things from auto to home to rental insurance.

Customer since 1999

Excellent service and a good relationship for 10 years +

Garry B., customer since 2011

The customer service reps. are always so helpful and friendly.

Customer since 1999

Grimes insurance takes care of my business so I don’t have to worry with it. Thank you.

Dennis B., customer since 1996

Always superior customer service . Highly recommended to anyone

Vic B., customer since 2000

Grimes has been serving us for 6 years now, we’ve always had good interactions with all staff and they are able to answer our questions when needed.

Customer since 2012

I love that Grimes, as a company, can shop so many different companies and yet have the customer service that comes from a small company. Best of both worlds!

Melissa M., customer since 2017

Great service

Lonnie, customer since 2008

Always so helpful and making sure that are rates didnt increase. Great Customer service

Sylvia R., customer since 2006

I was pleased with the response time with all correspondence, friendly service and the eagerness to be competitive without cutting corners (cutting our coverage).

Amanda T., customer since 2019

Always quick to get you what you are looking for !!!

Customer since 2018

You all are efficient and always willing to help out. It was a blessing being told about y’all years ago. Thanks for everything!

Customer since 2017

Very friendly and easy to work with,.

Russell L., customer since 2019

Grimes Insurance had recommendations for me that I was not aware of. I appreciate your kindness and help.

Customer since 2019

I found answers to my questions, they gave me the coverages my company needed. Great customer service! I will definitely recommend it.

Customer since 2019

Professional and friendly staff available to assist me immediately. Great prices and excellent customer service!

Customer since 2019

They were very helpful in each step of transitioning from another insurance company.

Andres H., customer since 2019

Getting ready to close on our new home we had a thousand details to look after but it was very comforting to know the insurance policy was being taken care of by Ryan and his team. Thanks for taking care of this by working closely with the bank and title company.

Keith B., customer since 2019

The Grimes folks are uncommonly courteous, professional, responsive , and competent. Living out of state, having them on our team gives us a great sense of security.

Customer since 2014

We don’t require assistance often, but when we do it’s prompt and courteous.

Christopher B., customer since 2010

The office is always very helpful and quick when we have questions about our policies or need to make changes. Pamela and Brenda have been especially helpful.

Jason B., customer since 2013

my experience with Grimes Insurance has been great. I have been a customer of Grimes for many years and never had a bad experience with their service. Thanks!

Rolando G., customer since 1997

Prompt responses and took care of our needs. You helped us when we sold our house. We would use you again when we buy another house. The price was good.

Customer since 2017

Clear Communication is everything, that and working towards a better solution. It works for me.

Customer since 2019

Every person I have ever spoken with at Grimes is kind, courteous, and hard working. They always do everything in their ability to get you the best rates and coverage!

Amber B., customer since 2015

Grimes has been very nice and punctual.

Kathran D., customer since 2019

I appreciate Quinetta’s help providing me with vehicle insurance. Thank you all for your friendliness. Sandra Shropshire

Sandra S., customer since 2019

Sonya in the Commercial Department was super helpful and so willing to take the extra time to assist us to navigate through all the questions we had. We are so grateful she was there for us!

Customer since 2019

The quick communication is always appreciated

Customer since 2011

You always take care of issues quickly. You review my accounts and keep them and me updated on them . Such a friendly company to do business with. Always a pleasure to call.

Don B., customer since 2011

My questions are always answered quickly and all the employees I have had contact with are friendly.

Customer since 2016

Easy to apply, easy approval. Great price.

Customer since 2018

You helped us get the best price on insurance covering everything we have.

Customer since 2007

Friendly, knowledgeable

Peggy O., customer since 2016

You guys don’t rush me like other insurance company’s do. You get me the insurance proposals in plenty of time so I can decide which one is best for me.

James, customer since 2016

Very easy to work with and from the research I have done pretty comparable to other premiums.

Customer since 2016

Very thorough, knowledgeable, great staff, competitive pricing. Always quick to get back to us with information. We have no claims to date, since obtaining Insurance. Can not comment on that. We are highly pleased with your agency, and want to thank you, for all that you do!

Customer since 2018

I appreciate the way you find the best and priced right insurance for all our needs! Thank you!

Adrian B., customer since 2019

When my former Auto Insurance provider kept increasing my premium every 6 months, Angela offered to shop around for me. She discovered that if I had an accident I did not have enough coverage for our vehicles. She found a reputable company to insure me at a better rate with more coverage. Angela has always answered my questions and is very professional. I have referred your agency to others in the past and will again.

Shane B., customer since 2013

Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and available.

Jerry B., customer since 2014

Great service!

Stephen B., customer since 2012

We have worked with Marianna for years for our insurance needs and we could not be more pleased ! She is always friendly, professional, knowledgable and working to serve our best interest. We have total confidence in Marianna and her entire staff, we have recommended her to our friends and family and will continue to do so! Damon & Jill Andrews

Damon A., customer since 2006

Great rates!! Always prompt service! Thanks!

Customer since 2013

All my insurance questions were answered with so much detail so that I could understand everything! This was my first house so everything was new to me!

Ashley B., customer since 2019

Prompt friendly, local service.

Michael B., customer since 2018

It is always good talking to the people at Grimes!

Patrick B., customer since 2016

Great customer service!!

Aubry B., customer since 2011

I enjoy the immediate responses to my questions.

James B., customer since 2015

Best agency in Lubbock!

Angela B., customer since 2012

Nikki is awesome. She helped lower my rates.

Elena A., customer since 2011

Fast response to claims.

Customer since 2015

Our house insurance is with Safeco. We are very pleased with them so far.

Leonard B., customer since 2010

Questions are answered promptly, agents are knowledgeable, service is good, and when one insurance company raises the prices a lot agents find a better and less expensive alternative without sacrificing coverage. Staff is always friendly and willing to help without trying to sell more products. I have been happy for more than 11 years now.

Customer since 2008

Very helpful and friendly. We get quick informative responses from my agent.

Jay B., customer since 2008

There have never been any problems with our insurance. If I have questions they are answered promptly. Everything runs so smooth that I don’t even think about my insurance plan.

Customer since 2017

Always very helpful and pleasant. Great bunch of people.

Janet B., customer since 2012

Great customer service, friendly, available

Tanya B., customer since 2016

You are good communicators. When we have claims you are very helpful and responsive.

Customer since 2015

Great customer service

Customer since 2019

Professional and courteous staff. A company that exhibits integrity and a willingness to assist me as a valued client.

Kelly B., customer since 2019

Great response to the recent hail damage on our house. Your agent/adjuster worked very well with the roofer. Your agency has been very helpful as we have made adjustments to our insured property.

Gary B., customer since 2016

Great guidance in helping us select something that would work for us for our needs, also very respectful and friendly

Customer since 2019

Made getting home and car insurance very easy for people who have never had to get insurance before.

Grady B., customer since 2019

We have made a few vehicle changes and you have made the change process extremely efficient and we love that. Thank you for your great service!

Maria B., customer since 2015

I was new to buying a home and I felt like she was looking into my best interest instead of trying to sale me stuff I didn’t need. Also I bundled my car insurance as well and was recommend to get the uncovered insurance as well which I’m glad I did! My car was hit in a Walmart parking lot and I wouldn’t of been able to get it fixed had she not recommended adding it to my policy! Thank you so much!

Chastity B., customer since 2019

Thank you Marianna for all these years of working together. You and your staff are always on top of things and get me answers quickly. I’ve been in Real Estate for 29 years and have only and always referred all my clients to Grimes!! Keep up the good work!

Stephanie A., customer since 2009

Always very responsive whenever we have a question. I’m willing to pay a bit higher price for great service!

Customer since 2012

Always on top of stuff very efficient!

Customer since 2017

How quickly the personal responds to my questions I ask.

Customer since 2016

I have been with Grimes Insurance for many years- close to 20 years. I have multi policies- auto- RV- Motorcycle. The Customer Service through the years has been great. If I have any questions or concerns – I only need to call. If a person cannot help me at that time- information is collected & service is done & confirmed back to me. I have never had any issues with making adjustments. I completely recommend Grime Insurance for all your insurance needs. They are Texas fast & friendly too!

Ruby G., customer since 1999

have had no issues over the past 2 years!

Customer since 2017

Excellent service and good prices. We have everything with them and are thrilled.

John A., customer since 2018

You are just so helpful and easy to work with.

Rocky B., customer since 2014

Grimes & Quinetta always work hard to provide affordable coverage for me. I have already sent several friends over to enjoy the same friendly service that I always receive.

Jennifer B., customer since 2016

I absolutely love Grimes insurance. They are so professional and always trying to do the best for their customers. They take the time and focus on finding the best policy for each individual customer. I love Marianna and her team!!

Michael A., customer since 2014

Everyone is always friendly and knowledgeable. All are want to make everything easy and do so very quickly! They are the BEST.

Customer since 2016

Prompt accurate service was the key. When there was a question an answer was given immediately with detailed information with all the benefits to us, the customer.

Customer since 2019

The cooperation of your representatives with clients and good services.

Customer since 2015

We have had the pleasure of being clients of Grimes insurance for the past 30 years. We have used them for personal and business insurance needs. They have provided us with great personable Lubbock hometown service. They are always available to answer the phone with a friendly voice and have given us affordable trusted insurance products that make us feel protected and secure. It is without hesitation that we give our highest recommendation of Grimes Insurance to future clients.

Zias, customer since 2002

Responsive, personalized, and available.

Customer since 2015

In 20 plus year I have been with Grimes Insurance Company for vas of these years. I have always dealt with my sales lady Ms. Suzy. She has my time with Grimes Insurance one of the best years to know that when I need my insurance company to be there for my I know that Susy, Brenda and the rest of the Grimes Insurance Company team will have my family and I interest in the best of hands. This being said I will always Recommend Grimes Insurance Company before any other company.. Thank you GRIMES INSURANCE COMPANY for being there for the MENDEZ FAMILY!!!

Richard M., customer since 1999

I’ve been with Grimes Agency for more than 10 years. They have helped me out with car and homeowners insurance. They are always Courteous and Helpful with questions and suggestions on what I need on my policies in the way of coverage. I would recommend this Agency for all insurance coverage needs.

Jeanie H., customer since 1999

I can strongly recommend Grimes Insurance as the best of the best. They have not only made sure I am fully protected with multiple rental properties but also for our home. When Grimes insurance company has a new promotion for a lower costing policy, they let us know how we can save money, by not renewing the existing policy but by writing us a new policy. We like this. Marianna and all her staff have really been there for us over the past 30+ years. In addition it is ALWAYS best to have an independent agent that can write policies with multiple insurance companies instead of one agent who writes for a single company only. Russell & Ann Daves

Russell D., customer since 1998

Grimes Insurance has been our agency for many years and we have always been treated with kindness and respect and good humor. They are very knowledgeable and no question is too ridiculous to ask. They respond with promptness and are very thorough. We consider Marianna and her staff to be friends to be treasured.

Preston G., customer since 1999

We have been a customer of Grimes Insurance for over 35 years. They have always treated us like we are family. Claims have been handled quickly and professionally. When we moved from Lubbock to another community we decided to keep our insurance with Grimes because of the personal attention we have received. We highly recommend to you this fine company. Kim and Susan Clowe

Kim C., customer since 1997

Grimes Insurance has been handling my homeowners and vehicle insurance for approximately 20 plus years. Their staff is exceptional and put their customers needs first, finding the best policy and price. As long as I need insurance Grimes Insurance Agency will be my provider.

Customer since 1989

When we moved to Lubbock in 2014, we needed a new insurance company closer to home. Annie Thomas was the spouse of one of the gentleman I worked with. She was always very friendly and sweet when she would come by to see her husband. We got to talking one day and before you know it, we had a new insurance agent. Any changes to the policy could be accomplished with a few emails. Grimes made life very easy for us.

Joe A., customer since 2015

One of the first insurance professionals I met when I was transferred to Lubbock was Lester Grimes. He and the Grimes family became trusted friends and remain so today. The Grimes Agency has capably handled all our insurance needs for 32 years. Together we have survived 2 teenage drivers! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Russ Palmore.

Russ P., customer since 1997

Appreciate the staff’s willingness to go the extra mile and look for the best product for the best price. The one claim we had while with Grimes was handled very professionally and to our complete satisfaction.

Customer since 2011

I’ve been a customer for 20 years. I couldn’t ask for better people or service. Absolutely awesome people with great customer service.

Brian G., customer since 2001

A fews years back an issue with my home policy caused me to pull all my business.

Robert K., customer since 1999

Great customer service!

Gary F., customer since 2019

We have been with Grimes for twenty years. We have had several claims over the years and have always had them resolved very quickly and satisfactorily and fairly. We have compared other quotes at times but Grimes has always been the lowest. Marianna and her staff have always been friendly and helpful. You can trust Grimes for all your insurance needs.

Charles W., customer since 1998

I have been with Grimes Insurance for at least 35 years. I love that they are an independent agency. They have always looked for the best and most cost effective policies for my house, car, rent houses and even insurance for a musical instrument. I had one claim about 30 years ago when a rent house caught on fire. They walked me through the process and everything was taken care of. Having been a client for so many years, I have gotten to know so many of the employees personally. I ask for them by name. I have had questions or need another copy of my automobile proof of insurance or have only one day to pay an insurance bill because I just lost track of time, and they help me handle it all with a smile. I have a friend who bought a house and the real estate person helping her said she was paying too much for insurance and suggested another company. When I asked the friend what company it was, she told me it was Grimes Insurance. I just smiled and told her she was in great hands. I whole-heartedly recommend them for all your insurance needs.

Constance G., customer since 1996

We have been Grimes Insurance Agency since 2002. He have both our home and auto insurance with them. We have always found them to be simply one of the best when it comes to knowledge, experience and service. They make sure we have the best as well as financially sensible products to serve our needs. Anytime we have required service, they are quick and on-point. Great customer care and service!

Chad G., customer since 2002

I have been with Grimes Insurance for years and years – never had a problem – always prompt and caring. I highly recommend them.

Linda H., customer since 2002

These guys are the best of the best…. we’ve been clients for over 35 years…

James H., customer since 1997

I have been with Grimes Insurance since 1991. Marianna herself is what makes Grimes what it is today. I trust her with all of my Insurance needs. I can call and just know that whatever she tells me is going to be the truth and will be in my best interest without gouging me for extra cash. She returns your calls even while she researches to get you the best deal. She asks the right questions to cover everything. I recommend her anytime someone says they need Insurance.

Randale R., customer since 1998

I’ve done business with grimes for years would never trust anyone else!

Vic B., customer since 2000

Grimes insurance is always pleasant to do business with. We have been a long time customer and they always work with us to give the best possible rates. Questions are always answered and they have great customer service. I expect a lot from a company and Grimes always delivers. Give them a try, you will not regret it.

Joe K., customer since 1999

Fantastic agent,I now live in Euless Texas and she is always available for me and her service is outstanding.Love her to death.❤️❤️

Bryan M., customer since 2003

I have been doing business with Grimes for a number of years. They have always been there to take care of me when necessary. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.

Sharon F., customer since 1984

Always profesiional, superb customer service. Best insurance Agencgy in Texas!!

Jerry C., customer since 1984

Very prompt at attending to my last minute insurance needs. Friendly, helpful agents ready to assist with my needs and fulfill exactly what insurance I needed for my apartment. Highly recommend!

Leonor A., customer since 2019

We have had our home owners and auto insurance with Grimes for 30 years. That should indicate our level of satisfaction with this company.

Dr. D., customer since 1987

Grimes Insurance was recommended to me by a family member around 20 years ago and I have been with them ever since. Marianna and her staff are absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough about this company. Their customer service makes buying and maintaining insurance so easy. They have always had my best interest at heart and made sure I have the coverage I need at the best rate. Any time I have needed to make changes to my policy, a quick call or email was all I needed and they got it done immediately. Just recently I noticed a rate increase on my bill and sent an email asking Angela if she could look into it for me. She submitted an inquiry on my behalf immediately. My rates were reduced within a few days and I even got a check in the mail for the difference! Everyone at Grimes has always made me feel like a priority. Trust me, give this company a try. You most certainly will not regret it!

Kaci S., customer since 2002

We have had the privilege of working with Grimes Insurance Agency and its associates (Marianna Grimes in particular) for approximately thirty (30) years. They have continually gone out of their way to go above and beyond to accommodate us when the need has arisen. Marianna Grimes has always been there to guide. and advise us. We have moved to different cities and have had several opportunities to switch insurance agencies, but there is not a single agency where one gets the personal feeling of family like you do at Grimes Insurance Agency.

Ed G., customer since 1989

Best customer service ever! Susie handles our account with such knowledge. She deals with all our questions and concerns. She gets the best coverage for a decent price. In a world where peril strikes on a daily basis, the cost of insuring our property and vehicles is sometimes a difficult undertaking, but Susie manages to get the dollar figure to a level we can afford. Thanks for all you have done for us over past the 27 years. Sincerely the Kovatch’s.

Customer since 1995

I have been with Grimes Insurance for probably 16 to 20 years. They are always so kind and helpful when I call and answer all my questions fully. I love that they go the extra mile to get me the best insurance coverage at a price that I can afford. I can always trust them to do what’s right by me.

Donna M., customer since 2000

We have been with Grimes Insurance over 15 years and have always experienced great customer service, the quickness with claims and above all the price can’t be beat! We have moved several times and received quotes from other companies and no one can beat their prices. We gladly refer them to everyone in our businesses from auto to home!

Leslie M., customer since 2004

I love working with Grimes! Sonya and Miranda, the commercial department are my main contacts. They are the most AMAZING people when it comes to customer service! No challenge too big or small. They are always fast, courteous and most of all, professional. I love the Grimes Insurance Team! I recommend them a few times a month! Connie LaDuc, Minnix Property Management.

Customer since 2006

Very prompt and took care of all the questions I have had.

Customer since 2019

Everyone we’ve spoken to at the agency is friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help and explain how things work. We were so lucky to have found this Grimes when we moved to Lubbock. They’ve made the transition so much smoother!

Customer since 2019

There were two things: first, the insurance options which you provided for our consideration. We have been very pleased with the insurance on our home (Hippo) and the insurance for our son’s home (Travelers). second, the information which you provided that annually some one from your staff will review our options again for insurance to see if there might be other considerations which we might want to make.

Kent P., customer since 2019

The people at Grimes were wonderful! Their prices are awesome. I feel like they definitely found me the best price out there.

Customer since 2019

Everything was so easy. I called once and Grimes took care of everything else!

Customer since 2019

It doesn’t take very long to get a response from y’all if I need assistance or questions about anything

Johnny, customer since 2007

Timely responses!

Crystal D., customer since 2019

You guys ALWAYS get back to me in a timely manner & are ALWAYS honest! Never hesitate to answer any of my questions or ask if I have any!

Kalayisha A., customer since 2019

Grimes Insurance found me what I think was the best insurance and rate. Also answered other insurance questions I had and i believe they are honest when recommending insurance.

Tommy A., customer since 2018

Helped us find a good homeowners policy and rate.

Customer since 2014

I received great guidance when I had an accident and lots of help to get everything taken care of in the aftermath. I appreciated the help and guidance received so much.

Ann A., customer since 2015

Fast and easy to work with. Will continue to give them my business as long as this is the standard.

Customer since 2019
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